Thursday, March 10, 2011

Experience Number 14 - Painting an Entire Room!

A few weeks back I won paint in a dutchboy contest.  I was able to order the colors that I wanted and they finally came in the mail last week. I chose "wooded path" for  my downstairs powder room.  It's so much darker than I had expected, but I decided to paint anyway.  It's a sage green.  Excuse the blurriness of the before photo:

 It's so messy looking because I was just about to paint when I realized I needed a photo! I still have one more coat to put on before I post the after.  I did (somehow) manage to BURN myself while painting.  Yes. I said BURN. As I was painting the wall above the light, my arm grazed the bulb. :-/   Oh well, I am proud of myself for doing all the painting on my own! I had to do it when the hubby was out because otherwise he would try to help me :)


  1. I just gave my kids bathroom a makeover last week. We chose a light yellow. I think its project time of the year.