Friday, April 15, 2011

Experience 19- Something Smells Fishy!

Some people say I'm a picky eater. For me, I'm only picky when it comes to animal products (anything dairy/meat/fish, etc).  I've never been a fan of any fishy smelling food with the exception of shrimp, but I can't eat it cold.

I always tell everyone I wish I loved fish because it's so good for you.  Tonight, hubby fried some frozen Mahi Mahi that we had -- leftovers that we took from my dad's house when he moved out of state.  I was super hungry and didn't feel like cooking anything for me so I tried it.... and BOY was I in LOVE! That fish tasted like chicken, my favorite meat. 

Don't be afraid to "re-try" food that you swear you hate. Tastebuds do change over time, and who knows, maybe the person who prepared the food the first time you tried it just stinks at cooking :-D

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