Friday, January 7, 2011

Experience Number 2 - Creating a Blog!

Ok, so I admit, maybe this post should have been number one, but I am trying to stick to chronological order. Since the plunge took place on the 1st and this blog wasn't created until a few days later, I have decided to post this as number two.  I've been a blog reader for years now and never seriously considered doing my own until a few days ago. I always discarded my ideas for a blog as bad and not blogworthy enough. I had been searching for a theme-- I think every good blog has a theme-- until it dawned upon me! I am going to do DIFFERENT things this year and change things around for the better. I know I will be proud of myself once I have accomplished 52 different things.  This is something I need now. My sense of self-worth has been sinking since the layoff (and the unsuccessful job hunt since then). In the past doing something I normally would have never considered has ALWAYS helped me feel better. I am determined to make this a positive year and I know that by documenting these experiences I will be more likely to follow through!

I have a lot to learn about creating a blog, so bear with me here!! I am learning little by little.
Cheers to a great weekend!


  1. My biggest advice to new bloggers is "Don't give up" It will feel like no one is out there listening and sometimes I think that is true but the only difference between successful blogger and not is endurance. Have fun and keep on trucking.

  2. THANK YOU for the advice! I appreciate your taking the time to comment with that piece of very important advice! THANK YOU!!!