Saturday, January 22, 2011

Experience Number 7 - Estate Sale

On Thursday night I decided to browse Craigslist to see what kind of treasures I could find. I ran down the list of garage sales and clicked one that said "estate sale" since I didn't have much of an idea of what it was.  I found a site called  I noticed a sale in downtown Charleston set to begin at 9am on Friday. Since my husband had to be at work early on Friday, I woke up with him and prepared breakfast. I quickly dressed and drove to the sale at 22 King St.

I parked a few blocks away and walked up to the door. Coats were littering the front porch rail and there was a sign directing the ladies to leave their purses in the car.  I had read this previously on the website, so I walked right in. 

An estate sale is exactly what it sounds like: a sale of the entire estate. Items are individually priced with tiny tags (or pieces of tape).  The house was filled with at least 30-40 people, and I arrived at 9:45! To my surprise, many of the items had "sold" signs and the one item I had been eyeing online (an anthropologie twin bed cover) was already gone! I thought I had arrived relatively early since the sale was going on all weekend, but apparently I was rather late!

I did not find any little goodies to take home with me which was rather disappointing since I made out with a spoon rest, a brand new pair of Banana Republic pants with tags still on, a mail organizer, and 5 thank you note cards at Goodwill earlier in the week for all less than 10 dollars.

My drive wasn't a total waste as I enjoyed my short walk back to my car. I snapped these shots with my iPhone. The estate was located down the street from here, but it looked very similar to the home pictured in the center.

This is the Battery of Charleston (it is located directly in front of the homes pictured above).

This is on the other side of the Battery and is a view of the Charleston Harbor.  Can you see why I enjoyed my walk? :) I love Charleston!

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