Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Experience 9 - Using my Spanish in a Professional Setting

I've studied Spanish since I was a little girl living in Arizona.  My parents always used certain words around the house that they knew just to spice up all of our vocabularies. I continued my studies of the language through college and was able to use it professionally last Friday and yesterday! Friday I was called in to a different tax office to do some translation. I haven't spoken Spanish in a while, even though my husband is a native speaker, since I am trying to teach my hubs to understand and learn English better. Let's just say it didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped! I was able to express everything and understand everything, but the client was frustrated because I didn't understand one of his questions (I understood the words, but the question did not make sense to me).  Lesson learned... I need to practice more!

Monday was different. I did a birth certificate translation, something much more official! It surprisingly did not take very long to draw it up. I did it for a family friend who is currently going through the immigration process. Glad to know I'm putting my skills to good use :)

Anyone do anything outside their "normal" routine this past weekend? Any goals for the month of February?

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