Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Experience Number 12 - 911 Dispatching/CPR

I know the biggest experience I will have this year is during my new job as a 911 dispatcher (!!!!). The job scares me, but I think it's something I can handle and I am will to try. It's a rewarding job knowing that you're directly affecting someone else's life.  The filtering of applicants process is long. I was involved in it since December, but other people applied for it way back in OCTOBER! I also learned that my two hours with the polygraph examiner was much shorter than everyone else's time spent there. One girl was there for four hours!

 My training began on Friday in a class with 8 other people.  After a short orientation, we began our training with a CPR class.  Four hours (and two sore arms) later we were all certified in CPR! I was pretty excited to come home and say I was already certified in something :)

This week we are doing a telecommunication class and will be tested at the end of the week (next week is EMS training and after that is fire training).  I'm super thankful for my supportive friends who are there for me, especially my husband who believes in abilities (and who kindly surprised me yesterday with a rose, chocolate, and wine -- my favorites).

In my two short days of training, I've learned a few interesting facts about 911:
1. Most people are not hysterical when they call.
2. Children tend to be more calm than adults over the phone.
3. When someone takes your 911 call, help is being dispatched as soon as your location is known (not when you hang up the phone).
4. Theres a set script for almost all situations that you are required to follow.


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  2. WOW! This sounds amazing. I always wondered about the 911 dispatchers. I was going to see how it all worked when I did my EMT training, but things got a little crazy and we never did. This sounds so interesting!