Monday, February 7, 2011

Experience Number 10 - Let's get physical... PHYSICAL!

Okay, so this is another experience that I did not CHOOSE, but its still a new experience nonetheless. I had my first physical.  I never was required to have one since I never played team sports in school, so I was a bit scared about this (I think I have a fear of doctors). I did a little online research to see what the physical would consist of to calm my fears a bit.  It also included a drug test (new experience), all of which was required as part of my preemployment process for the job I am supposed to be starting this Friday (yay!).

For the drug test I had to pee in a cup.  I couldn't pee enough on the first try so I had to go back out to the waiting room until my bladder was full (took about 5 cups of water). I asked if they could do a blood test instead since I hate peeing on demand, but they only did pee tests. So off to the bathroom I went for a second time, little cup in hand.  Then I had to pee for the rest of the morning from all the water I had drunk!

The physical was a bit different. Started with taking the vitals, drawing blood, checking ears, eyes, etc.  I had to take a vision test and learned that my vision isn't as great as I had thought! I probably need to see an eye doctor soon.  Next was the hearing test. I had to go into a small room with headphones and use a buzzer-like button to signal when I heard different frequencies.  The doctor came in later and made me move from side to side and touch my toes. I felt like I was in gym class all over again. :)  As I was about to learn, they called me back in to redo the hearing test with another machine since operators need to hear lower frequencies in case callers whisper or talk really low.

Three days later, I am suffering the consequences of the physical: my arm is REALLY bruised. I have about three bruises (look like fingers). I'm not sure why I'm bruising since the nurse only stuck me once.  I hope they go away really soon because they make my white skin look dirty.

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